The C B Cattle & Guest Ranch is located in Cameron Montana and stretches 6,500 acres along the entire length of Indian Creek, bordering the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. It boasts 200 head of black angus cattle, a small herd of Quarter Horses and produces alfalfa hay.



In 1970 Cynthia Boomhower was a young widow visiting the Madison Valley from the east coast when on a casual drive around the valley with her daughter, Sandy, she came across a rancher out in his field. Not being the slightest bit bashful Cynthia sauntered up to the rancher and asked him if his property was for sale. In the mind of this particular rancher- everything was for sale- so he named his price. As the story goes she wrote him a check right there on the spot in that very field.

And so the "C - B " Ranch was established. Cynthia was an avid fisherwoman with several world records under her belt for deep sea fishing but she greatly enjoyed the art of fly fishing.  She dreamed of opening a quaint little guest ranch with a relaxed atmosphere where people from all over could come to fly fish and ride horses. 

Today the ranch is managed by Cynthia's granddaughter Kate Roberts and her husband Eric. Together they manage the cattle and the guest ranch. Cynthia once stated that one of her greatest accomplishments was developing the guest ranch, it is Kate's hope to continue her grandmother's ranch to further the enjoyment that it brings to others. 


The guest ranch sits nestled at the base of the mountains. There are three large log double cabins divided for separate families, a main lodge complete with a dining area, pool hall and a small bar. Our favorite little cabin, "Hill Top", which was once Cynthia's summer residence, sits over looking the guest ranch. It is a small, self contained cabin with a spectacular view of the Madison Valley and all the happenings of the ranch.  

 We look forward to sharing Cynthia's dream with you. The C B Ranch holds a special place in our hearts and we know it has a profound affect on all who come to stay. We look forward to sharing our way of life with you.